This blog is an initiative of Idlegcy. We are creating an ecosystem that wants to ensure that privacy is not a you-against-us legal battle, but a win-win game that brings a data-safe environment for individuals, whilst helping businesses and other organisations thrive on that data.

This blog is about our vision. Enjoy the read. Do not hesitate to bring us a visit now and then. Or subscribe to the blog now, and we keep you posted.

What is the essence of our vision …

  • Personal data belong to individuals, who have the right to control what organisations do with what part of their data – and feel safe.
  • Organisations need data about individuals, in order to be able to offer them the right products and services – and thrive.

Idlegcy is creating an ecosystem, that is based on three communities:

  • an always expanding community of privacy-aware individuals,
  • a growing community of privacy managers in various kinds of organisations, and
  • business executives who want to create a culture of respect for personal data in their business.

We are supported by legal, marketing, sales, HR, team, and people consultants and coaches, who share our vision and want to help us change the way privacy is looked at.

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Published by Jan Lagast

Impact Creator | Vision Architect | CEO of Idlegcy Impact Creator - I strive towards creating impact on the way we work, and on the way we live. Money is not a goal, it is the result of impact. Vision Architect - I see great opportunities and disruptive innovations, where other people only see complex challenges and impossibilities. CEO of Idlegcy - The purpose of Idlegcy is to give every individual the control over their own personal data. Today, this is my main focus. Why get in touch? Because you’d like to work or partner with me, co-invest with me, or you are looking for a keynote speaker on impact.